Weeks 25-29

And then, there I was, in the third trimester…

It is so true, the second pregnancy goes way faster than the first.

Following the format from last time, here we go:

Workouts/Running:  Non-existent.  As soon as I pressed publish last time, I got terrible sciatic pressure when I went for a run.  This did happen last time too, so it just means I have to stop.  I can still walk just fine which is good as kiddo loves outside.  I can barely stay still with him.

Sleep: Still wake up at least once a night to go the bathroom and this is a lot less than last time.  I’d say I’m sleeping fairly well albeit a couple nights a week of wicked insomnia.  During these times, I can’t fall back asleep until it is essentially time to get up.  I’m also a little uncomfortable already (shocker) in the hip area which requires a lot of pillows.

Eats: I have had quite a few stressful weeks lately and so I have been eating more of the crappy food than the good.  My skin previously was doing fairly nicely (hardly any hormonal break outs) but as soon as the stress hit, the zits hit the surface; which I also know is due to sugar and other carbs.  I am not overeating (I know for a fact) as 1) I can’t as my stomach size has had to make room for the baby and I get really uncomfortable if I do. There have been a few days at work I’ll get so ravenous before lunch that when lunch hits I over do it and boy I pay for it in the afternoon.  This also has lead to quite a few midnight bursts of terrible indigestion where I can feel the acid coming up ** I know this is really due to the crappy food as when we had kiddo’s birthday as well as another outing cue the terrible food indigestion at midnight.  I also know that I am not overeating as 2) from my last doctor’s visit, the doctor did raise their eyebrows at the large 10 pound gain in a month and said we won’t worry yet but if next month is as big we may start to look into diet things.  So I still took it upon myself to just track my calories for the two weeks following that visit until my diabetic screening test.  I don’t like to track calories as it reminds me of the restricting times of my life, but I did have to make sure I wasn’t absent mindedly eating way too much.  Fast forward through those two weeks, and I had gained another 5 pounds!!! I was mad at myself and then said screw it to counting the calories I’ll just keep doing what I am doing and as of today I didn’t gain any weight in the last two weeks, so overall I count this month as a success.  I also did pass my gestational diabetic screening test too.

Movement: This is getting more and more as the baby is getting bigger.  I think my placenta has moved a tad from the anterior placement (which it ‘should’ do at some point) and the baby was also sitting transverse for the last few weeks so their feet and arms were outside the ‘placental zone’.  For a few days, I was very sure that they went head down as I had my first baby hiccups this time around and those were felt very low with some strong kicks at the top of the belly.  Even though I’m just 29 weeks now, I’m a little scared about the transverse situation and I know they will move a ton in the next few weeks as there is still a lot of room in there, so I am doing some “Spinning Babies” exercises to promote a natural head down posture.

Weight: I mentioned in the Eats section that I am now up a total of 23 pounds.  With the first I was up to 17 pounds as of right now, so technically I’ve started to even out a bit.  Mentally I was in a poorer state with the first pregnancy in regards to food and I really am trying to relax about stuff and weight gain.  Like before, as long as I am not eating stupid my body should do what it has to to sustain this little body (birthday parties not included).

Symptoms:  Besides the regular indigestion, still lots of burping, and acid reflux at night, I don’t really have a lot of other symptoms which is a great thing.

Thoughts: With the amount of work stress I have been under in this last month (details of which I cannot get into due to possible legal ‘threats’) and I was telling hubby that this just was not the best year to have a baby.  Sure, there never really is the perfect time to have a kid, nothing will ever be 100% anyways, but this year has been the worst.  My stress level has been crazy and I’m not placing blame on anyone but it’s hard for me to relax like I could before having kids (like schedule a massage, go for a nice run/work out class at any time of the day that I wanted).  I know the early years in child care are very draining on anyone and it will get easier as the kids become less reliant on mommy.

And now for the pictures:

Weeks 25/26



Weeks 27/28



Week 29:



And from last pregnancy Week 26/28




I can’t remember exactly when it happened, but looking at those photos I was using my blackberry for the photos.  I think very shortly I decided one lunch hour to wash my jacket and unfortunately washed my phone with the load and ruined the phone and lost all my photos… that was my pregnancy moment.  (There was one more where I was about 14 weeks, and we went out for supper and a hockey game with my sister in law and her hubby and I left my car running for the whole 90 minute supper.  Luckily no one stole my vehicle and I still had gas to go home… it’s really funny now to think about.)

I’m also noticing that sure I feel very large, this belly really isn’t that big yet!


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