Weeks 30-32

I know, I know. These posts are the easiest to do and although my life is starting to get easier on the work front, things never truly get easier they just get different. In fact, I’ve been slacking so much on the blog front that wordpress looks like it had a major upgrade for doing up the posts. Not sure if I am a fan yet…


Workouts/Running: Not happening. Just walks. I had to run after Kiddo on the weekend as he doesn’t hear the words “Stop, stay here, don’t go” and then bam he gets hit by a little kid on a swing, and I get even more of that jarring sciatic pain. And to be honest, I really am feeling lazy this pregnancy. I’m so tired all.of.the.time.

Sleep: What sleep? I can usually fall asleep so fast, but it is the staying asleep that is hard. I also have to find a comfortable surface to sleep on. There are a few mattresses in our house that kill my back, or make my hips fall asleep, or just random body parts will fall asleep. A few nights I have relinquished myself to the couch and actually got a surprising 7 hours STRAIGHT of sleep. That did not repeat the next night however.

Eats: I’m still getting full quicker and it is usually after lunch that I will eat a good meal – usually not too much food so to speak – but 30 minutes later OH MY GOODNESS, I am full city. That feeling will linger until past 7 pm. I sometimes feel hungry before but I just can’t squeeze anything more in. I’m trying to find that right balance, but that being said I will mentally not eat a big-ish meal and plan a snack for mid afternoon just in case, but it the belly will do what it wants.

Movement: This girl loves the transverse position. She will switch to head down but then goes right back to ‘tickling’ both my sides at the same time. I know there is still a lot of room and a lot of time for her to stay head down but truth be told, hubby was a breach baby. Sure our first was head down from like day 1, but hubby is the 4th kid out of 5 and this was also back in the day that the doctors attempting almost any kind of birth. I am afraid that this girl will take after her daddy in more ways than one and will eventually end up breech which I fear means immediate c-section. Sure there are worse things in life and heck my my mom had 3 c-sections, but I would just rather not. So every day I pray this little girl goes and then remains head down. At my appointment, the doctor had said research shows that it matters more how the female was born versus the male. So if I was a breach baby I would have a higher chance of a breach baby but not because my hubby was breach. So I hope that that research had a good testing model…

Weight: 25 pounds. Which yes I am obviously up way more than last time, when I consider the last few weeks, my weight gain has slowed which makes me happy. I do not like photos of myself as all I see is a puffy face and limbs, but this too shall pass and is only temporary for a few more weeks.

Symptoms: Besides a hurting back, or waking up with limbs asleep, I don’t have big complaints in this area.

Thoughts: Here is negative nelly starting to pop back into my head. We had a great long weekend up at the lake. Kiddo was enjoying the water, I was out there with him in my tank top covered bikini enjoying myself too until my sis forwarded some photos of the weekend and I, kid you not, look more overweight than pregnant just how my clothes fit and hung on my body. I had a very bad time after that. It also didn’t help that my mom talked to my hubby after I had went to bed one night asking “Why I was gaining so much this time around” but then not to mention that to me – but my hubby doesn’t keep much from me (even though I would have let him keep that comment to himself) as 1) I’m aware of what my body is doing 2) This heat is insane and the water retention is no joke 3) This is just what my body is doing this time I’m not not in control if that makes sense. I’ve been working on my eats since my big 10 pound weight gain a few weeks back and I have been doing fairly well there, I’m not constantly eating the moon and more, but I know that I am bigger and I see it in the mirror too. I had a really good cry the night my hubby told me as it confirmed what I was thinking about myself. And although my hubby was nice and calming and saying that this is just pregnancy, there are a lot of things out of my control, I get all negative as in the beginning of our relationship I know what he likes in regards to the female body and that is not me at all right now and so I get very insecure there.

And now for photos:

Week 30:


Week 31:


Week 32:

In all honesty, I don’t look that big from the side, it is true. The front is another story but you can’t do good growth comparisons that way. And also, somehow, I swear I lost another week in there but I have no idea!

From Pregnancy #1:

Week 30:


We were in Hawaii!

Week 32:


Weight gain at the 32 week mark was on 18 pounds…

And for cuteness cuddling the current bump:
This photo does show how massive his brain is. Yes i did say brain, not head, he has always been in the >97%. He gets that from me.