Oh August

It was a little weird yesterday writing out “July 31” and then waking up this morning and realizing that it is August. Which means I am 34 weeks today, which means anywhere between 4-8 weeks I will have another human being to look after (although I still feel it will be towards the 7/8 week mark). I don’t feel rather accomplished enjoying the summer time as I have had to work a lot and still will until I pop. This year has been a year of essentially no vacations. That isn’t 100% true, we did head out to Victoria a few weeks past for me to go to a continuing education course. We have gone to the lake for a long weekend. I have had more than just “three days off” in a row, we just haven’t really ventured out further than a ‘staycation’ so to speak.

Although yes I said that I am working a lot, things have settled down a little bit in regards to the stresses that were involved in my work life. I know some things will not be settled for a very long time but I am hoping that someone will finally realize that I am not the bad guy in the situation that I am just a business owner looking out for the best interests in my business as well as how that affects my home life. I have been really trying hard not to stress or hold on to some of these anxieties which has been very very hard as a lot of this has been not in my control and of course, extra stress cannot be good for baby.

Guess the purpose of this post is just to recap what has happened besides work in the month of July. So let’s get to the pictures!

– Amazing how humidity can really make or break a dough… I tried this recipe again a few weeks later and it looked much more like rolls instead of deflated something or others!


– Sometimes it is a good idea to let your kid create whatever he wants, throw it in the oven and see what bakes up. We created a really healthy oatmeal bake with stuff here and it was very tasty!


– Hanging at Aunty’s and playing with her stuff


– Got to make someone clean up the house right? Actually, I had started and he said for me to let him do it, so I did. Still had to go after him and actually vacuum properly. I have been wanting to get someone to come in and clean for the next month or two. I would really love that.


– I had decided against doing a garden this year. I had started one when I was pregnant with Kiddo but once he came into the picture, my garden got over run with weeds and so it died. This year I didn’t even try, except my mother in law always does one and says I can take whatever I want from it. Judging from this picture, I’d say the weeds are also taking over. You can find a few gems in there but I don’t think they will last.


– Someone got really upset that daddy drove away in the car without someone.


– How we play with play doh in our house.


– Not sure where I will be able to fit the new baby on myself once they get here as kiddo takes up a lot of the room even with the belly in the way. He brought home a cold from babysitters which we all got (lovely…) and even though he is the biggest cuddler anyways he is even more when he doesn’t feel good.


Yep, that pretty much sums up my July!


2 thoughts on “Oh August

  1. I love that you let kiddo make his own little mixture! He must have been super proud when it was done!
    We are considering a vegetable garden next year. I am afraid we won’t have enough time to really take care of it, though!

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