Weeks 33-36

So I’m a little bummed. I had some free time at work so I typed up the first 3/4ths of the post, thought I saved it, but nope. It is lost into the interwebs. We will see how well I can retype this up.

I first started rambling on about the weather. We have had the most humid and hottest summer, I swear, on record. Us prairie folk love to complain about the weather it is never good enough. I shouldn’t complain too much as this is the first summer we have actually had in the last three years (I am married to a farmer so he let’s me know these kind of facts). I would have loved to enjoy this summer but being pregnant, the heat just equals me becoming one swelling mess.

Onto my typical format:

Workouts/Running: Non existent. I would consider myself lazy if I had to do comparisons. But at the end of the work day, my ankles look worse for wear so I do put my feet up. My job isn’t a sitting type of job so I do move around a lot. I do miss going for a run though. And I get such a jealous mentality when I read race reports and I already am looking forward to next running season and contemplating doing the marathon again next year. (let’s see if the bold format is done correctly here… it maybe an entirely bolded paragraph sorry if that was the case)

Sleep: OH goodness. I know I am a terrible sleeper anyways and I won’t get a full nights rest for at least another year after the birth but wow, I alternate between full on insomnia nights and nights I can’t get comfortable. I also alternate between the couch and the bed all throughout the night. I am sure if we had a surveillance camera on it would make people very confused in our household at night time. As there I am, carrying all my pillows from the bedroom to the couch and then the couch and back. I do really like the couch which we have figured it is because it is slightly cooler in that room versus the bedroom even though we do have a/c.

Eats: I think I have been doing well here. I want to start eliminating dairy from my diet very soon. The first kiddo had a terrible milk allergy (think colic and gas) and I would like to minimize those little baby terrors as soon as I can. I went to costco the other day and got a batch of hemp milk. I don’t really like it but will still drink it (since I hate to waste), but I am going to go back and get some almond milk instead, maybe a thing of coconut milk too (as well as a butt load of diaper wipes you just can’t beat their prices as well their wipes are just that good!).

Movement: Baby girl is head down! And because she is getting bigger, the kicks are more easily registered. She is not ‘engaged’ at all and I know this because she constantly plays up in my ribs. There still is quite a few down times throughout the day, she just isn’t as active as kiddo ever was. It is still constant enough so I don’t have to worry just yet.


From my appointment, 32 whooping pounds. I only weigh myself on appointment days at home so I’m not too shocked with what shows up at the doctors office, and I keep stepping on thinking “maybe this will be the day the weight loss stalls” but nope, it just keeps going. I know part of it is water weight and sure activity has something to do with it but I am not eating like a horse everyday so it is just what my body is doing.

Symptoms: I have been sick for about the last month. Prior to our visit to Victoria in July, I picked up a cold. It was all in my nose and a dry cough. When we came back, I had about 2 days of relatively good health, and then kiddo who luckily did not get my first cold picked up a doozy from the day home. This one was terrible. I had first thought I had gotten allergies (I mean who gets colds back to back right?) plus I rarely sneeze and the first day I got this I sneezed about a bajillion times. I don’t have allergies either (should have been a clue). The next day it turned very mucousy and I couldn’t even get through a minute of speaking without hacking up a storm. This made work very difficult.

Because of all this, when I had went in for my 34 week check, doctor said I was measuring smaller than what they would have wanted in the last two weeks that I had seen them. She didn’t want me to worry as it could be due to baby’s position and other things but because the host (I) wasn’t doing well, we need to make sure baby is still growing just fine. So that meant I got to get another ultrasound! I’m so very low risk that I would only get the 12 and 20 week ultrasound so this felt like a treat. Also I should rewind a bit that I also wasn’t too worried as when I look at the weekly photos of myself, I feel like I am getting bigger anyways.

I had a great tech do the ultrasound, she was open to a lot of questions and felt good about the ultrasound. They measured the baby as well as measure fluids and things like that, when she went to the head I spoke up and said “I was wondering if you were going to measure the head, as I have a large head and kiddo has a large head” and then she responded “C-section or did he blaze a trail?” to which we laughed as he did the latter. This one is measuring exactly like kiddo, including the head, and she already has lots of hair too! The only thing I really noted is that, even though I ate a good lunch and had just a bit of sugar to help her move throughout the test, she wasn’t as active as kiddo.

Thoughts: I’m excited and nervous. Excited to be done being pregnant and being able to bend over, not go the bathroom as much, shave your legs, put on shoes easier, you know the luxury of living. But I’m also so nervous to go from one kid to two. I know we will make it through, everyone does, but it still plays with that part of my mind.

And now for some photos:

Week 33:

Week 34:

Week 35:


Week 36:

And to compare from last time: At this point I had only gained 22 pounds. How? I have no idea.

Week 34/36:

And then just because:

We had a successful #2 on the potty. I am in no way pushing for toilet training. I’ve heard boys take longer, plus with his world going to go through a major upheaval soon I just know there will be a regression, but if he says “poop” or “pee pee” we will go to the toilet. He usually tells us after the fact that he goes poop but still wants to sit on the toilet, but he told us before!


4 thoughts on “Weeks 33-36

  1. Hahaha to “c-section or did he blaze a trail”!!!! Good luck with the dairy thing, I’m right there with you! Drinking almond milk myself, but that’s usually what I opt for anyway because I think it’s so dang good.

    Big news on the #2!!! Congrats to your little guy! My kiddo loves to sit on the potty but hasn’t done anything on it yet.

    • If it is any consolation after doing a few more #2, he has forgotten to tell us again. Oh well not rushing it he will stop doing that soon right?

  2. Congrats on #2! It took forever for my son to finally go #2 in the potty!

    Going from one to two kids is hard and as much as I told myself things would be different, I still wasn’t prepared! I cried a lot those first two weeks after my daughter was born. But, you figure it out and everything will be fine. It just takes a while to adjust to a new routine and life with two kids.

    • I swear my kid maybe the only one that is starting the training by doing #2 first. I have only had one successful pee pee which to me strange but I’ll take what I can get. I’m also preparing for the worst for those first few weeks!

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