Weeks 37-40

I have been pregnant this entire year. And yes, I am still pregnant too. Not sure if it was wishful thinking on everybody else’s part, but a lot were saying that I would go way early – like two weeks early – and I thought to myself YEAH RIGHT! Just like last time, my kids love to stew (I also think it is because how my hips are that prevents them from going easier down the canal but we will see if this theory is accurate when I do finally go into labor).

This part of the pregnancy I don’t have many qualms about; I feel like a normal human being expect having a large stomach that can’t bend down for the life of her. Most of the clients that come into work want to talk about it, ask about the due date and then have a shock and awe response when I say the due date is Saturday. I also love when you come in the next week and you say the due date was last week and they just can’t fathom! Yes I do live in Canada where they have this thing called “year long maternity leave” but because I own my business i do not pay into the system that gives you this leave and therefore if I don’t work I don’t make money and then the business starts to lose money.

The last four weeks have been basically identical to the last several months. I’m sleeping the same (although I caved and am just staying on the couch instead of going back and forth). I’m trying to soak up the last bits of time of having just one child. Still trying to tell kiddo what’s about to happen and he still has no clue. As of Tuesday I’ve gained 38 pounds (and with #1 I was only 30 pounds when I was induced at 42 weeks). Everyone that sees me says that I am way too small to be almost giving birth any day now. It’s true, this bump is smaller but I find it so strange that I’ve gained way more! I do think a lot is swelling related as I have not been able to wear my wedding rings in months and last time I wore it until delivery. These knuckles are pretty big! I’ve also had a lot of comments about the size of the baby – that because she is a girl she will be much smaller than her brother. I think looks are deceiving as I am very sure this kid will be probably identical sizing to the first one, including head size. I think I bought only one newborn outfit as kiddo #1 didn’t even really fit into his “coming home outfit” He was 8 pounds 12 ounces and probably due to the big size of his head coming through the canal he measured at 23.5″. Yep. Big.

Week 37:

Week 38:

Week 39:

Week 40:

Some nesting with the kiddo. We built a dresser together and he decided to paint himself while I did this…

For a kid who has never really had a ‘lovey’ or an inanimate object that he loves, I spoke too soon as he has just found that he loves this piggy. This was a piggy given by my mother to the new kid.

And then the first pregnancy, Week 38:

Week 40:
I had posted this one on my facebook last time stating “Still pregnant, boss is coming to work in flip flops and her lululemons”

Now to end this all up, I’ve been thinking about the future of this little corner of internet I have here. Yes work has been busy. Taking care of life is busy. Having another child is busy and so I don’t necessarily know where i want to take this space. I have never wanted to be a huge blogger and draw in a crowd and it was more of a place to put my thoughts out there, but I don’t know if it is something I want to do for much longer. I do dislike when bloggers take a long or permanent hiatus without saying anything about it so it leaves you wondering if they are dead and then of course wondering if I ever gave birth too, so there maybe a few more posts up in this area, but then I maybe bidding adieu as I’d rather read than write!


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