41 Weeks

For those who have taken any stats class or math for that matter, when they state your ‘estimated due date’ it is basically an average. There will be a lot that go before their due date, a lot on their due date, and a lot after their due date.

I’m one that goes over their due date. I’m pretty sure too that if I would be allowed in modern medicine, that I would go to the bitter end of 43 weeks. On one hand, I would love to experience natural labor (pitocin, to me, is the devil) but on the other, each day that this lil lady stews adds another ounce to her weight. I have a few days left until we have the elusive scheduled induction and I’m doing almost all that I can in the meantime to bring on natural labor, but just like last time most of those efforts were futile. I went to a full 42 weeks last time (the hospital I deliver at is a very busy center so I got bumped a few days to accommodate all those other birthing moms), this time I don’t think I will get to go that far unless I get bumped like 5 times.

I am still working, not a full load of clients like I normally do and we were just booking them day to day. For the most part, everyone is excited to talk about the impending labor moment and the new baby to show up, but I had one very judgemental person that after I explained that I do not pay into the maternity leave program here in Canada, if I don’t work I do not earn an income, that although yes I will take sometime off and be more part time when I come back, I still have to come back to work. This person kept saying that “the baby needs their mother” and I’m like yes I understand that, but each situation is different and this is the hand that I was dealt/chose. I didn’t go into the fact that I am very much attachment style parenting and will be nursing and pumping as much as I can (if I can mimic what happened last time exactly) and for as long as I can. When I am home, there is nothing between me and my kids. I understand this is an area of life that people feel they can state whatever they want to whomever they want and due to my position I usually just grin and bare it because going off on a mad tangent doesn’t do anybody justice (except, of course, I put it down here ๐Ÿ™‚ )

At least today will be my last day of work.

One last photo comparing 11 weeks to 21 weeks to 31 weeks to 41 weeks:


And yes, I have managed to hit the 40 pound weight gain. Oh well! Only a few more days left until I can say “I lost weight like the celebrities, 20 pounds in 1 week! Best weight loss plan ever ๐Ÿ˜‰ ”


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