I know this post is going up late. Our baby girl have already been here for like 19 days. We have gone through many growth spurts many tantrums from kiddo and many many sleepless nights.

This post will be heavy in words and no pictures so just warning you.

I’ll start it off by saying that each birth story can be very different and even for myself from having kiddo to having girl the story is a complete night and day difference. With kiddo I was induced at 41+6. It was a very long process including me stalling at 9 for several hours. I did my labor process with kiddo with no epidural and had major back labor due to his presentation. This background info is good to know for what happened with girl.

I had an appointment to be induced at 41+2. The night before I know now that I had like two actual contractions but they were very short and manageable and definitely in my back. Of course I had a terrible sleep prior to the appointment but with having terrible sleeps for four months now that isn’t anything new. I got up nice and early, my mom came to pick me and kiddo up to drop me off at the hospital and kiddo at daycare (hubby was working the field and from last time you don’t know if you are the chosen induction until like 9 am after being at the hospital for a few hours. As I said goodbye to kiddo he told me he loved me which was the only thing to make me cry that day. His world was going to change so much.

Got into the hospital and went into the room and again it was a 50/50 chance of me being induced or another lady. Lucky for me I showed up 15 minutes early and the other showed up 30 minutes late so I was the chosen one! The on call doctor then came in and started the process by breaking my water as I was already at a 3.

I was then allowed to roam the halls (this time I was gbs negative versus last time I was positive so I didn’t need to be hooked up to any Ivs. I had to wait until my regular doctor came in at lunch time to see if I should be started on pitocin or not. She came in around 1215 and I was, sadly, still a 3 but I swear she did a little something down there as even though as she was leaving and said ‘I’ll put in the request for the pitocin’ we didn’t have to start it as like 15 minutes later I was starting to get very regular contractions.

These contractions were solely back labor. I guess I don’t get regular in your stomach labor it is strictly in my back which hurts!! Well labor hurts any ways. About an hour or so later, the nurses brought me into one of the delivery rooms as things were starting to get closer together. The contractions were also irregular. Sometimes they were three minutes a part and then sometimes thy wee thirty seconds they had no rhyme or reason.

Timeline is a little iffy but within like another hour I had gone from 3 to a 6. I should not forget to mention the hubby did come in about an hour prior to help do counter pressure on my back during each contraction. Things were getting very intense and because last time I went for a very long time with no progression I wanted the epidural so the nurses said ‘alright he will be here in 15 minutes’. This is the only time I actually looked at the clock as he took about 30-45 minutes instead – guess the other girl in the other room wanted one as well. I should also say that I had a new nurse training too which meant doubly cervical checks which I don’t remember them hurting this bad last time but they were terrible and always brought on another contraction.

So, back to epidural man, they have to check you prior and well within 3.5 hours I had gone from a 3 right to a 9 there was no time as girl was coming fast and furious. And literally within another maybe 15 minutes the doctor had gotten there and within 6 minutes of pushing, girl was out.

It was very surreal as it was the complete opposite to what happened last time. I remember when she came out with that last push I was seriously thinking ‘how in the hell is this already over and I have a girl on my chest’ I was shocked.

She was a nice 8 lbs 12 oz just like her brother and I need to find his chart to compare head sizes but i feel her head is smaller but when you compare it to a toddlers head of course it is smaller.

Cue to coming home and figuring things out. This girl is the complete opposite to kiddo. She hates the swaddle has yet to accept multiple types of soothers hates sleeping on her back spits up like a champion everything. The only thing they have in common is late night gas rages due to my forceful let down. I don’t think I have to remove anything from my diet yet but now is the time that you find out.

Kiddo has been like expected. Some days are better than others. He is oddly protective yet sometimes wants her to leave. He also clings to me like ever before. No one else can help him but me and if people try it escalates into one screaming child which then makes girl sleep terribly and the cycle gets worse. This ‘too shall pass’ which is my most hated saying in the world but it is true. We have watched more tv than I care to admit but girl will not stop being on the boob so I do not have the capability to do otherwise. She also sucks at daytime sleep and night time is alright but kiddo set the bar really low for sleep so I thought anything would be better but nope my kids prove me wrong again and again.

I just hope I figure something out in the next three weeks before I head back to work so that our caregiver won’t have such a big pain working with the two kids. I have only tried one bottle so far but she wasn’t really hungry so that’s on our docket this week is trying to get her to do more bottle/soother and trying to get kiddo to not be a 5 stage clinger.

As for weight, I gained a total of 44 pounds and by hospital discharge I had already lost 14 pounds and by a week later I was down another 16. I knew a lot was water retention as I couldn’t see me toes, ankles, wrist or fingers anymore and I haven’t stepped on the scale yet and won’t until one month out as I don’t want to stress this time like I did last. I do know I have to eat a ridiculous amount or else my milk supply dips and I’m already starting a freezer stash so I’ll get working on my eats when I figure things are more stable.


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