Three days.  Three whole days.

What started my failure you ask?

1) I ordered the previous weeks some cookies from this place I absolutely love, forgot that I did, so when they arrived at my office Friday they were just a ticking time bomb. Three maybe four cookies later…

2) I had some angry outbursts this weekend, cue emotional eating…

I have a feeling that the ingestion of these sugars and extra carbs did increase my anger outburst.  I tried to create my Saturday pancakes and our pan sucks.  I know for eons people have been making pancakes on these kinds of pans without teflon coatings with no issues.  I couldn’t make a single pan work Saturday, so I had to make a skillet of terribleness.  Still tasted like it should be didn’t look like it. It made me so mad, so very early in the morning.  I’ve tried to limit the cookies I bought but they are just so good. There never is a good time to change your lifestyle right? I also found that I had way more stomach upset this weekend too after being relatively cleaner eating in the previous days, sure it was only 3 days, but that is what it felt like.  I do hope I can get past this emotional stuff my face when I feel mad phase fast and try to stick more to my needs inside my head! Then we could see for real if sugar is playing with my emotions 🙂

I just need to throw out the cookies or give them away!


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